Portrait Session Clothing Tips:  

  • professional hair and makeup is always a good idea!
  • do your hair the way you'd normally do it while wearing these clothes (or more done-up for specialty shoots)
  • wear solid colored clothing
  • choose muted tones that are a bit subdued (i.e. medium to light blue, ivory, pale pink, medium to light purple, etc)
  • choose 1-3 colors for your group portrait, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette.
  • choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow
  • choose long pants for men/ladies or a skirt below the knee for ladies
  • closed-toed shoes for guys 
  • keep jewelry simple and minimalistic 
  • have your nails trimmed and polish done or fully removed 


Feel free to bring props or anything that is important to you (especially for children)!  Just keep in mind that if it doesn't fit the overall look, it may not get used, but I will try my best to incorporate it!  

I also love dogs & welcome them for some of the photo shoot!