Newborn Session FAQs


Why choose Chey Photography?

I have been professionally photographing for over 10 years and have been photographing newborns for over 4 years.  I have studied world-renowned newborn photographer Kelly Brown's education as well as taken her safety course on newborn posing and safety.  I understand how to keep your most precious possession safe, as well as what newborns are & are not capable of doing.  I will never put your baby in a harmful situation, and I listen when a newborn is trying to tell me he/she is uncomfortable.  I am up to date on all vaccinations recommended for someone handling newborns.  I also understand complex lighting and the delicate process of posing so each portrait is taken at just the right angle to become a work of art.  You can also rest assured that I will help you decide which portraits are your favorites and professionally retouch, design, and print your chosen products so you can easily display and show them off!

When is the best time to come in for the session?  

Four to ten days of age is ideal.  After that, and the baby is much more likely to be awake for longer periods of time, more sensitive to touch, reflux may have set in, and baby acne is more prevalent.  An older baby is still welcome, and we can discuss options if baby is outside the ideal time frame.

Where do you photograph the session?

Sessions take place in my warm studio environment.  I have a living room area where you can relax while your baby's portraits are being taken, a kitchenette where you can warm bottles, a full bathroom, changing area, and a studio full of backgrounds and props.  All you need to bring are diapers, extra clothes (in case of accidents), extra bottles, snacks, and pacifiers.

How long will the session take?

Since we are completely on the baby's timeline and most shots require baby to be in a deep sleep, you should expect the session to last 2-4 hours.  This allows for ample feedings, diaper changes, etc.  We will work as quickly as your newborn allows, but patience is key.  Newborn sessions should be scheduled in the mornings, generally around 10 AM.

When should I book?

Right now, if you have a set due date!  We'll pick a tentative date close to that.  I only book up to two sessions per week, so we want to make sure I have set aside time for your session.  You'll need to contact me 1-3 days after your baby has arrived to nail down the date/time for your session.


Ready to book or have more questions?  Contact me to schedule a time to chat!